The Evolution of Obstraupe


It's simple to make something complicated.
Making something simple is complicated.

We started out from pure idealism, set off because we didn't know yet that it wouldn't work. The idea was to develop a device adapted for traditional orchards. That means maximum flexibility. It has to be light, robust and all-terrain, able to cope with different fruit sizes, grass lengths and ground surfaces, it has to be efficient, collect the fruit gently and technically as simple as possible so that the price is right. An impossible task, really. The fact that it was possible is thanks to a technician who also achieves the impossible and a team that believes in the impossible. The development was challenging, with numerous prototypes up to series maturity and countless variations in the components.


All 120 models of the "Black Beast" are sold out. If you are interested in the model, we can try to obtain a used device of the 2018 series.

"Fruit orchards are paved with gold."

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© Organic Tools 2019. All rights reserved.