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We are happy to support the "Mus in der Birn'" project in the search for suitable locations and adapted harvesting technology ;-)

"Mus in der Birn" project is looking for unused meadow orchards 
Project period: 7.8 - 15.9

"We are a group of 8 dedicated students who are registered under dem 
Name "MUS in der Birn" this summer (7.8. to 15.9.) with bicycles 
and a mobile processing and cooking station a preserving tour through 
Austria plan to collect unused orchards 
process. During the trip it is important for us to look up unused local 
resources and the climate and biodiversity crisis.
make. The products produced (especially mush, jams & possibly juice), 
we want to give away for a free donation. With the income we want 
then in turn support projects that are socially just, sustainable 
promote agriculture.

With this campaign we want creative solutions to current 
Showing problems and gaps between urban and rural populations 
tear down. It is important to us to be active with people, initiatives and 
communities to get in contact and to exchange knowledge 
force, to the value of meadow orchards for climate and biodiversity 
and the different levels of sustainability.

As things stand at present, our route leads from Retzer Land - Direction 
Upper Austria - down to East Styria - to the Raab National Park in 
Southeast Styria - via Burgenland to Vienna. Inside this 
regions we would now be looking for unused orchards 
(open to all varieties), which we harvest for 2-3 days each 
can, as well as farmers, communities and initiatives in general die 
find interest in the project. Also about content 
We are very happy to exchange opportunities on the orchard topic.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us"

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